manpower recruitment agency australia
manpower recruitment agency australia
manpower recruitment agency australia

The Yangwha Process

To start the recruitment process, Yangwha will provide an outline of our service agreement and costs to the client. The following steps in the process are illustrated by clicking on the tabs 1 to 11 below.

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Yangwha will determine in as much detail as possible the client’s requirements, with regard to workers, with as much information as the client can provide. We cannot have too much information at this step in the process.

recruitment agency australiaMaking the decision whether to take a trip to the Philippines or interview candidates remotely from Australia.

We encourage our clients, when ever possible, to send a representative to Manila to participate in the candidate selection process. Manila, and particularly the Makati area in which we are based, is a safe, lively and vibrant place. A face to face interview between the candidate and the company representative is always going to be the most desirable approach, with respect to securing the best candidate fit, within the culture and expectations of a particular employer. However for a significant number of our clients, a trip to the Philippines is simply not an option and in these circumstances, we can draw on our interviewing experience and an array of skills testers on your behalf. In addition, we can organize customized, monitored tests (for example for engineers or draftsmen), video tape interviews, take high definition pictures of welding, fabrication, carpentry and other trades work.

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The next step in the process is establishing whether your company is already approved to sponsor overseas workers. If a current sponsorship approval does not exist, then an application needs to be initiated by Yangwha, together with a discussion on the principle focus of the sponsorship application which, is the client’s training credentials concerning Australian workers. Learn More….

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Pre-screening of CV’s/resumes for the client, based on your detailed requirements will commence in the Philippines.

Yangwha will explain to the client how the 482 assessments and English language requirement of the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) affect the process.

By this point a general idea of what workers are available has been conveyed to the client. Through the supplied CV’s the client’s requirements have further been refined through these same discussions.

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A date for a trip to the Philippines then needs to be set by the client and a line-up of potential candidates arranged by Yangwha.

Yangwha will arrange hotel accommodation for the client.
Depending on the time frames involved, i.e., how quickly the client is going to come to Manila, a decision, as to whether the sponsorship lodgment should happen, before the client comes to Manila or at the same time as the visa lodgments, once the workers have been selected, should be made.
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hospitality recruitment agencies australiaThe client is met at the airport in Manila by Yangwha and chauffeured to the hotel- throughout the client’s stay in Manila, a Yangwha representative and driver if required will be coordinating all the arrangements for both conducting interviews and any leisure time that might be slotted into the trip.

The client will be chauffeured to the interview and trade test centers by Yangwha.

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Once workers have been selected by our Client employer, either through face to face interviews or remote connections such as via Skype, the Yangwha service agreement will need to be signed, together with a deposit made for each selected worker.

Exhaustive 482 visa compliance requirements will then be undertaken, as part of the Yangwha process to ensure a successful 482 visa lodgment. With certain trades, a Cert 3 will need to be gained for the visa application and in this instance an Australian assessor comes to the Philippines to carry out this skills assessment of your future employee. If the applicant is not English test exempt, an IELTS test score of 5 will need to be also gained.

In addition, if the selected job occupation requires it, Yangwha will assist in meeting the Labour Market Testing (LMT) requirement.

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Yangwha’s migration division, Yangwha Visa, will prepare all the documents and lodge the applications for the client’s application to sponsor overseas workers, the nomination of the job and skill that you wish to fill with an overseas worker, together with the worker’s 482 visa application. Having our own, wholly owned Visa company allows us to maintain the quality and timeliness of the process. It also offers you a single point of contact and accountability for the entire process, it is another Yangwha advantage.

manpower recruitment agency australia
manpower recruitment agency australia

Once a visa has been approved a deployment date is then agreed with the client and the employee. The visa lasts for four years and can be used as a qualifying visa for a permanent residency visa after 3 years if they stay with their employer.

Our partner, YWA Human Resource Corp., will arrange the processing of Philippine government mandated Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) by Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

Once completed, the employee can be deployed to Australia. We can handle all the travel arrangements for you.

Yangwha will arrange bank accounts, personal insurance and a tax file number once the deployment date has been set.
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