Benefits to your business

For our clients, recruiting employees from the Philippines has provided a number of business benefits:

Filipino employees have a proven track record of being hard working, reliable and associate well with co-workers and managers.
  • Your company will have the potential to increase its productivity as a result of reduced turnover of staff, less time wasted training new staff and as experienced by many of our clients, an improved work ethic.

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  • Just one extra project completed on time – a happy customer – more orders
  • Less time and money spent drawing up and placing job ads
  • Less time spent interviewing warm bodies
  • Your supervisors and management staff can concentrate more on being proactive within their job roles rather than fire fighting staff issues.
  • We have heard stories of companies now being able to put on night shifts, where they had not been able to in the past through issues of drunkenness and drug taking.
  • The often superior attendance record of the Filipino worker can lead to a general decrease in absenteeism throughout the rest of the work force.

Finally, all of these claims can be validated by the fact that over 80% of our clients come back for a second time, to hire more Filipino workers.

100’s of Australian companies do just this and this the reason:  a net increase to their bottom line.

We believe that ultimately, talking to our customers will give you probably the most effective assessment of the advantages and we are more than happy to set this up for you.

If you are reading this and have staffing issues join the hundreds of companies that have made the decision to solve these workforce issues once and for all.