Are you considering hiring overseas workers on the 457 visa program?

Mike Smith
Yangwha Principal Contact
Phone: +63 919 424 6632
AU: +61 (8) 614 18 813

While hiring 457 workers isn’t for every company for some it has helped overcome many workforce issues.  Typically, our clients face the following issues:

  • Absenteeism
  • Inability to retain workers for the long term
  • Lack of productivity
  • Lack of compliance with management
  • Lack of available skilled workers in rural towns
  • Unable to hire and supervise night ships
  • No appreciation for the job

If these issues sound familiar, let’s talk.

Free, no obligation assessment

Give us ten minutes on the phone and we will breakdown for you the requirements for hiring 457 workers.  We are a one stop shop handling every step of placement and the sponsorship, nomination and visa process.  We make it simple and hassle free.  If our program makes sense for you, we will send you a simple questionnaire, fill it out, provide us with the supporting documentation and we will tell you if your company is likely to meet the requirements to become a sponsor for overseas worker.

We have sent thousands of workers to hundreds of Australian companies big and small.  We can make it work for you!