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has over 60 staff ready to
assist our clients.

Our Manila facilities

has 2 conference rooms

3 lecture rooms

and 12 interview rooms.

Our Testing Area

has over 16,400 square feet of space

and equipment available for the
purpose of evaluating the hand
skills of your potential


Our Partner’s Manila Facility

Aside from meeting and interview rooms, our partner, YWA Human Resource Corporation’s Manila facility houses comprehensive workshops for immediate skills testing in welding, metal fabrication, carpentry and other trades testing.   They use sample plans and assignments for testing.

Once we have interviewed applicants and determined that they meet the visa, work experience, attitude, character and other interview requirements, we can immediately send them for testing.   Further, independent testing is later conducted through Vetassess, Australia’s leading vocational education and training (VET) assessment provider.

Successful applicants will emerge from the Vetassess interview and trade testing holding an Australian Cert III credential in their trade before deploying to their Australian employer.  You can attend these interviews in person to make a selection or we will conduct the interviews on your behalf and can provide high resolution photographs or the work and comments from the local tradesman overseeing the testing.