For the month of February, 2015 12 carpenters and 3 cabinet maker were placed by Yangwha Global Pty Ltd, an International Manpower Placement Agency.  These workers have a 457 working visa and will go to one of our clients in WA.  They have undergone rigorous selection process.Education and work experience documents verified

*Interview passed
*English requirement passed
*Skills test passed
*Visa approved

Their employer is one of our clients who come back to us.  They are approved by DIBP (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) to hire overseas workers. As part of their obligation, they also see to it that they adhere to the following:

*cooperate with inspectors
*ensure equivalent terms and conditions of employment
*keep records
*provide records and information to the Minister
*tell us when certain events occur
*ensure  the visa holder  participates in the nominated occupation, program or activity
*not recover from, transfer or charge certain costs to another person
*pay travel costs to enable sponsored people to leave Australia
*pay costs  to remove unlawful non-citizens
*provide training to Australians and permanent residents. (see sponsors)

DIBP monitors the employers while they are sponsoring 457 visa workers.  The monitoring last for up to 5 years after the expiry of their SBS (Standard Business Sponsorship).  The department might

*ask a written information in accordance with the obligation to provide records and information
*visits the workplace, usually to the sponsored business premises, with or without notice
*request information from other Commonwealth, state and territory government agencies, including the Fair Work Ombudsman, the Department of Employment and the Australian Taxation Office. (see sponsors)

So if your company would like to get approval to hire overseas workers, make sure to adhere to the regulation of the department.  For more information, see the documents’ checklist.

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